Uebert Angel meets Donald Trump’s top Advisor

trump advisor Mark Burns‘Rubbing shoulders with greatness.’ Is one idiom we often throw about willy-nilly, but when it comes to Uebert Angel, it seems he has magnetic shoulders attracting a wide selection of leaders from across the world.

Elites from the worlds of business, finance, government and academia have queued up to see him and schmooze about global affairs, and address spiritual and religious issues.

Multimillionaire and philanthropist Uebert Angel is proving to be a global icon of note with a huge appeal to other leaders this week he was spotted in London in the company of one of Donald Trump’s top advisers, South Carolina pastor Mark Burns.

Onward Christian Radio has it on good authority that Uebert Angel had a lengthy meeting with Mark Burns, however, the nature of the meeting was not made immediately clear to us.

Over the years, Angel has met with many highly-respected business people such the Rothschild’s family. Angel has been spotted by the media in the company of Nat Rothschild, who is also a billionaire in his own right, which sent the media into a frenzy since the meetings are never explained due to Angel’s media ‘blackout policy’

Hollywood greats have also been known to be his regular guests and a number of them have been seen with him at his residence in the back of the sticks in Fairways UK where properties start at an average from a cool 2 million US dollars to beyond north of 4 million.