The Greatest Secret God Told Me About MONEY

The Greatest Secret God Told Me About MONEY , this book is a treat for all those who seek to understand how God can prosper you financially. The author Uebert Angel reveals and shares insights into a revelation God whispered to him, indeed the greatest secret God told him about money.

IMG_6664Uebert Angel described by Forbes Magazine as “one of those successful entrepreneurs who are creating million-dollar fortunes…” in his narration of the secret that God told him about money, Angel takes the reader from his tour of the holy land in Israel, and how an old Jewish Rabbi, he met while in the old City of Jerusalem set up this fire in him to find the greatest secret about money.

Angel engages the reader not only by his great narration of events but by the way in which he links the Holy scriptures to decoding this great secret about money.

Broken into nine succinctly written chapters this book is a guide to becoming a millionaire, not only is the secret revealed but ways to attract, perpetuate and control even the money temperature are also laid bare.

The revelation comes to Angel at a time that he least expected it and all is revealed to him while on the motorway on his way to London.

His exciting galavant through the varied and sometimes surreal landscape of the M1 (motorway) to London are beautifully narrated.

This is one of those books that potentially can change one’s life for the better. It has ample practical examples of people who have held this secret for years and have used it well to attract money to themselves, Angel makes mentions of how the Jewish community have known and practiced this secret for generations.

[quote_box_center]I highly recommend this book, one has to read this to encounter the revelation on a personal level.[/quote_box_center]

To borrow a few lines from the book:

“it’s unfortunate though that many Will be intending to walk in your light they can for a few moments, and God will still demand that they get their own light.”

Indeed find out how to get your own light and how to find your own Melchizedek.

Get your copy of the book, it will be your best reading choice, money well spent. Definitely a must read.