Recent Events in Zimbabwe Have Shown that God has blessed the Land. The Question is: are the people blessed?

There is no doubt that Zimbabwe is a blessed land endowed with great mineral resources that include all manner of rich mineral deposits, wildlife, arable lands, forests, and surface and groundwater.

It is believed that Zimbabwe holds a considerable amount of the world’s diamond reserves and is the second largest platinum producer in the world behind South Africa. Surprisingly though, the majority of Zimbabweans, especially those living in the communities endowed with the vast natural resources, still live on less than $1 a day. Thusly, it is a proven fact that God has blessed the land of Zimbabwe, the question is: are the people blessed?

Should we pray for Zimbabwe?

Christian leaders have on numerous occasions called for prayers seeking a Blessing upon the land of Zimbabwe. But are we not praying and asking for blessings that are already manifest?

Clearly the problem is not Zimbabwe, but Zimbabweans. I would argue that the problem is the Zimbabwean. The cursed is the Zimbabwean not the land of Zimbabwe.

When the colonialists arrived in Zimbabwe, they saw a blessed land, they took it over and developed it and made wealth out of it. The likes of Cecil John Rhodes amassed immeasurable wealth that today is still to be exhausted.

Who is cursed the land or the people?

Zimbabweans are cursed. Cursed with mis leadership, corruption, mismanagement of the very blessings that God gave the land/country.

It is my argument that if we had to empty the land, we call Zimbabwe of all who presently identify as Zimbabweans and we took them to another land and got the Japanese or the Germans or the British for that matter, they would tactfully transform that land into a powerful developed nation in no time.

They would capitalise on the natural God given resources to progress a third-world Zimbabwe into a super power.

In that same token, if that same group of Zimbabweans emptied out from the land of Zimbabwe were to be relocated to a developed functional country, they would run it down into a dilapidated third world country in no time. The problem is not Zimbabwe it is the Zimbabwean.

The leadership is a curse

The reality is that people in resource rich Zimbabwe are living in abject poverty, yet their land is blessed with such valuable natural resources.

We have a leadership crisis, we are cursed with brutal self-serving leaders who eat and breath corruption. The political system is corrupt. The church is corrupt. The people are corrupt and so we are cursed to self-destruct, to loot, to pollute and continue to vote for the most corrupt leaders. We seem to be attracted to those who mis-lead and mid-govern us and our resources.

What should our prayer be? Should we be praying for God to bless Zimbabwe, or should our prayer be bless the Zimbabweans?

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