Prove God Exists and I’ll Resign,’ Says Philippines President Duterte, as he takes aim at the church with a slew of blasphemous remarks.

Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte is not afraid of controversy. But now he is walking on a very dangerous path of blasphemy.

The Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte who recently angered many Christians in his country after calling the God of the Bible “stupid” for allowing Adam and Eve to sin in the Garden of Eden.

The blasphemous Duterte upped his earlier controversial remarks with yet another inflammatory statement about God.

Duterte told the audience at a science and technology event he would step down if someone could prove God’s existence.

According to Fox News, Duterte said he would need a photo or perhaps a selfie that proves a human’s interaction and conversations with God in order to resign.

The president of Philippines is controversial

This isn’t the first time the 73-year-old leader has made controversial remarks about God.

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The leader of the largely Catholic nation has repeatedly rejected certain tenants of Christianity or any attempts to use faith to condemn his actions.

Onward Christian Magazine can report that, Christian leaders in the Philippines are concerned Duterte’s comments could have dire consequences.

“We make an appeal to the president to reconsider his statement against God and apologize to God because mocking God would invite the wrath of God not only for himself but for the nation – being the head of the country,” explained Pastor Eddie Villanueva, founder of Jesus is Lord Church Worldwide.

Duterte, a self-proclaimed Catholic himself still claims to believe in God.

“Your God is not my God because your God is stupid. Mine has a lot of common sense,” said Duterte according to CNN Philippines.

Church leaders call on Philippines President to repent

Meanwhile, Christian leaders will in the Philippines have urged the President to apologise and repent for the sake of the nation.

Pastor Eddie Villanueva, founder of one of the largest Christian churches in the Philippines, and other church leaders, have made an appeal to President Duterte to make a public apology to God for committing the highest form of blasphemy by mocking and cursing God. He said it is part of correcting the president in love.

“We make an appeal to the president to reconsider his statement against God and apologize to God because mocking God would invite the wrath of God not only for himself but for the nation – being the head of the country,” Villaneuva explained.

Aside from the scandalous “stupid God” remark by Duterte, Pastor Villanueva also expressed concern over ungodly policies approved by the Duterte administration.

He said, “When the policy of the government is right, we are obligated to support it, but when policy is anti-God like the extra-judicial killings, absolute divorce, and the deliberation now of same-sex marriage, no genuine Christian should support this.”

Silver lining

While President Duterte’s remarks about “a stupid God who allowed sin to destroy his creation…” has caused an uproar from the Christian community, church leaders are now seeing something good come out of the Duterte controversy.

For the first time, a team formed by President Duterte had a dialogue with leaders of the evangelical churches. The leaders are happy because they see this as a reconciliatory effort on the part of the president.

Although it’s been said that Duterte will not make any public apology, Undersecretary Foreign Minister Ernesto Abella believes that “it is vital that there should be some form of an acknowledgment of guilt and asking for forgiveness and a giving of because at the end of the day this is what Christianity is all about. ”

It’s about restoration of relationships

He said, “To be in Christ is not about religion or doctrine. It’s about restoration of relationships. Maybe what the president was looking for is a manifestation of the spirit of Christ.”

Bishop Efraim Tendero, secretary general of the World Evangelical Alliance, suggests the president should have a regular consultation with the group of leaders from different religions.

Tendero said, “There is the separation of state and church but we cannot separate the state from God. And the president needs to interact with the religious leaders in order that we can chart the better future for this nation.”

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