Prophet Uebert Angel Speaking Words That Change Situations

Kampton Park TGNC 3A word has the power to change your life. Think about that for a moment because it is literally an Earth-moving statement – to change your life.  

I speak here of just an ordinary word that you can utter. If mere words spoken by any Jack or Jill can possess the power to change the world, imagine the power of the word of God spoken by a Prophet, it can create new things and reverse situations.

There is power is in the words of a prophet of God. Prophecy provides not just words but revelation of the purposes of God. It is the revealed will of God for your life.

As I travelled with Prophet Uebert Angel in South Africa, just at the end of February 2016, I witnessed the power in the words spoken by a prophet and I have written this article with hope that it will inspire someone out there.

For more than a decade, technology has brought words into our lives more than ever before. No longer are words just what we hear, write or read – they have become what we create and how we interact with the world around us.

But above all this, is the word of God, indeed the words of a prophet are the voice of God.

Without prophecy, we become like savages, never grasping the potential God has placed within us. Indeed prophecy can inspire within us a sense of purpose that brings focus, determination and discipline into our lives.

God, in His love and mercy, sends prophets and prophetic people with insight and direction into our lives. We must then make a decision to follow and align our lives with the revealed prophetic word.

Some of us, grew up believing the children’s rhyme, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” Yet, at a certain point, you realised that was completely untrue and that words could hurt. Indeed a curse is a word spoken, an instruction to bind your progress, terminate or halt your success. Such a word can change not only your situation but that of your entire generation.

The opposite is true, a blessing pronounced, by a prophet is a word and that word is the power of God, indeed it can change your fortunes, remove all impediments to your growth and success and reverse your situation in an instant.  Such is the power of the prophet’s voice.

Through a prophet’s declaration health is restored in ways that even medical professionals cannot explain. A woman was healed of breast cancer in Birmingham, UK by the word of a prophet watch the video clip below.

The prophetic word provides spiritual oxygen for life and destiny. Prophecy is the breath of life being released back into you. When God breathed into Adam, He released life. We must understand that God will always give us pictures, maps and directions to show us how we should be living our lives. God’s will for our lives is knowable, we can know his will for our lives from the prophets that he has sent to us. We mingle and walk with these prophets sent from God but not all of us receive them.

I met Munatsi Sithole, a brother who shared his powerful testimony with us at Onward Christian Radio, he spoke of meeting his prophet and how that encounter breathed life into his situation:


“25 February 2016 is the day l will never forget, Prophet Uebert Angel, visited The Spirit Embassy (TGNC) branch in Kempton Park. Amidst the multitude that had come to receive him, he located me and my brothers and prophesied, to us. So accurate was his prophetic word he addressed our situation, and dealt with a current family issue in such detail that I can only conclude was given of the Holy Spirit for there is no way an ordinary man could have got that precise with detail.

Prophet Uebert Angel, prophesied that my brother had a spirit of premature death following him, in truth, my very own biological father committed suicide and my uncles passed away in consecutive years one after the other in what I can only say was premature death.

The prophet spoke a word of restoration to the life of my elder brother, restoring his birthright. Blessings were pronounced not only on us who were present in that room but to our entire family.

I had been praying for the deliverance of my family, for a long time and I had even stuck my prayer requests on my bedroom door.  When l heard that Prophet Uebert Angel was coming to South Africa, l sent for my brother to come to South Africa immediately and he travelled all the way from Gweru in Zimbabwe to be here, because I believed that God was going to speak to us and deliver my family through his prophet Uebert Angel. I had that faith, I believed that my prayer would be answered on that day and indeed we encountered God, he spoke to us through his prophet. The prophet addressed our family problems. And address them he did and I know without a shadow of doubt that my brother’s life is secured from destruction, so we shout now with joy and acclamation, we ask with confidence where is the devil now?  For he has been banished from our lives, he is nowhere to be seen. We thank God for Prophet Uebert Angel.

What touched me the most, was the love he ministered to us, the way in which he took time to show us love, he embraced us and showed compassion, more than anything I will remember the love, that he showed us we thank God for his life. He is a very loving and humble father.

As cold maheu to a thirsty rural farmer, so was the coming of the GoodNews man to Spirit Embassy The Good News Church in Kempton Park branch.”


Words of a prophet change our relationships, our demeanour, our entire system of beliefs, and even our businesses. The prophetic word activates the will in you to live for eternal purpose and not the temporal. It changes your value system. God wants your life to mean something, your money and your efforts. The prophetic word of God causes you to live your life for something greater than yourself.

The world on the other hand has its own word which is ever changing, constantly shifting goal posts, but the word of God is constant and unchanging. It was someone’s word that made us believe that Pluto was a planet, but many years later after believing that this was one of the planets we now find out that it is just a ball of ice no longer classified as a planet.   Being a planet or not being a planet makes a major difference, just as the words “I love you” or “I hate you” have majorly different meanings behind them. Words have a powerful and undeniably overwhelming influence on us – for good and at times, for bad.

Think for a moment how words have changed your life, think again this time a little deeper, were the words that changed your life, words from God or from a random Jack or Jill?

The word of God does not change. We read in Numbers 23 verse 19 that:

“God is not man, that he should lie, or a son of man, that he should change his mind. Has he said, and will he not do it? Or has he spoken, and will he not fulfil it?”

Indeed, “Believe in the LORD your God, so shall ye be established: believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper.” (2 Chronicles 20:20b)