Pastor Alph Lukau A Man Who Walks With God

As the porter pulled my bags out of the car, I walked towards the reception area to check in at the luxurious executive apartment in Sandton South Africa where I had been booked to stay while on the “Powered to Succeed”  Africa book tour.

A white Rolls Royce that pulled up behind me caught my attention. The massive car gave way to the porter allowing him to pull my bag across. I raised my hand to salute the driver for the kind gesture and as I looked closer I recognised the driver, it was none other than pastor Alph Lukau.

For those who do not know who Pastor Alph, he is the pastor of Alleluia Ministries a rapidly growing mega church in South Africa. He is indeed a man who walks with God.

I indicated that I wanted to speak to him by gesturing signs for him to roll down his car window and he humbly complied. We spoke for a while as I introduced myself to him. He attentively listened, and he conversed with a very soft but authoritative voice releasing a word of blessing and a prayer before he left. I jokingly said, I will not let you go before I take a selfie to which he responded, ‘go ahead’.

I was fascinated by his humility as the journalist in me started digging up more on this extraordinary man of God.

A pastor who walks with God.

Alleluia Ministries is a place where God is doing mighty and wondrous works, an actual miracle theatre where great and glorious works are being done in the name of Jesus Christ.

The evidence that pastor Alph is a compassionate and effective healer is overwhelming. However, this same evidence raises some difficult questions for sceptical 21st-century people, modern-day journalists in particular. Do miracles really happen? Does Pastor Alph really perform all the marvellous deeds that the testifiers report?

Pastor Alph is a healer, not as a practitioner of medical science but rather as a miracle worker. He has focused on doing the work of Jesus Christ and centred all glory to God. There are countless miraculous healings and great many things that the servant of God has wrought forth in the name of Jesus Christ. Testimonies upon testimonies have been digitally recorded for posterity to witness the great hand of God.

Indeed, just as with Jesus Christ, the Gospels are full of reports about Jesus Christ’s miraculous activities. Undeniably, almost one third of Mark’s Gospel is devoted to Jesus’ miracles.

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The common definition of miracle is an event that is an exception to the laws of nature. In the Bible, however, what we call miracles are described more loosely as “signs and wonders” or acts of power that are attributed to God.

Moses, in the early chapters of Exodus, and the prophets Elijah and Elisha, later in the Old Testament, perform many acts of power as instruments of God. Ancient Israel crossing the Red Sea under Moses’s leadership and crossing the Jordan River with Joshua are celebrated in the Bible as signs that God was at work in these events on behalf of his people.

Today God is doing a lot through his servant Pastor Alph Lukau of Alleluia Ministries.

Pastor Lukau’s miracles are not so much displays of power or even proofs of his anointed nature as they are signs of the presence of God’s Kingdom in the person of Pastor Alph. Their significance in Pastor Alph’s life and ministry is captured nicely in these words of scripture: “If it is by the finger of God that I cast out the demons, then the Kingdom of God has come to you” (Lk 11:20). This saying provides the key to a proper understanding of Pastor Alph’s miracles.

As the world watches the life of this servant of God, there is little doubt about Pastor Alph’s ability to heal and perform other types of miracles. Even his opponents acknowledged his power to do such actions. Their questions concern the origin or source of his powers. Does his power come from God or from Satan? In response, Pastor Alph through his humble and upright nature tries to show the absurdity of their question, because his miracles are clearly signs of God’s victory over Satan and the defeat of the powers of evil.

Truly Pastor Alph Lukau is a man walking with God.