Not All are Fishers of Men; Charlatans will hook your soul

“And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

Ask yourself this question who fished you out?
Many, and I saw a great many, who consider themselves fishers of men are using bait from the dark side to fish you out. They are after your soul.

Prosperity gospel is fake bait,
Fake miracles are fake bait,
Who fished you out?
Many and I say a great many are today hooked out by bait from the dark occultic world and they believe they swallowed the hook of the true gospel
But the line and rod pull them not to Jesus Christ. It pulls them into a dark and dangerous place.
The sinker was and is the promise of prosperity.
Sadly many have swallowed hook, line and sinker.
The same continue to shout ‘I receive’ but never realising what they receive. Their souls trapped snared by the promise of prosperity they auction their souls to the best performing charlatan.
Mesmerised by fake miracles, won over by prophecies inspired from the dark side.

In truth, there are fishers of men in today’s world but not all are called of God.
Indeed many are called but few are chosen.
We have a great many fishers but only a few are truly and personally called and honestly follow Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ went to the shores of the Sea of Tiberias in his nature as the omniscient God the Son and so he could see every single fisherman working that day around the shores of the Sea of Galilee. Though he knew every one of them, he saw in love and grace these four only, and “without delay he called them.” That call, in all its particularity, came to them. That Saviour, passing by all the others, stood still when he saw those brothers Andrew and Simon, James and John, and he summoned them alone to follow him. He didn’t plead with all the others, imploring, cajoling and then, losing his patience with them, dismissing them for not coming to him. Jesus called just four men. Why he called them and not others i do not know.

But what I know is these men did not travel to far places to look for powers, the do as I say’s or anointing oils. What I know is they did not seek crowd pulling powers from Sangoma’s. What I know is they did not flash wealth or promise prosperity. They did not boast in their prophetic abilities, they did not call themselves papa this or give themselves names that mimic wrestlers. They preached Christ.

They were called to fellowship with Christ. They were called to commune with Christ, because before you can become a fisher of men, before you can become a man fisher, before you become a person who draws people to Christ, you must be with Christ. You must learn Christ. You must fellowship with Christ. And so He calls them to communion with Himself.

One must be prepared by fellowship with Christ to be a man fisher.
One must learn Christ. One must be diligent, and constantly attendant upon Christ. One must become an emulator of Christ in His faithfulness and tenderness and diligence. It has been well said that discipleship is more than getting to know what the teacher knows. Discipleship is getting to be what the teacher is, and before Christ equips and sends out His disciples to be man fishers, He equips them first with the image of Himself. By their fellowship with Him, by their union with Him, by their attendance to His word, by their reliance on His grace, He causes them to be like Him.

We see the opposite today we see prophets who flash and flaunt wealth as bait to hook people to Christ.
We see prophets, charlatans who threaten to curse those who speak up against their un-Christ-like behaviour and attitude.
Not all are fishers of men.
Be careful of those you are calling Papa, daddy GO, or man of ‘god’
We have counterfeits in our midst, we have charlatans fishing us out.