Our Modern-day Brood of Vipers; My Walk with the Leader of the Pathetic Mafia

We have a brood of vipers in our midst. Uebert Angel and Shepherd Bushiri are famed as leaders of the prophetic mafia. The question is what are the operations of this mafia family of charlatans masquerading as prophets?

God calls all Christians, regardless of gender, to engage in the spiritual battles that take place every day in our fallen world. Always keep in mind that Satan and his demons are real and active in our fallen world; don’t be deceived by charlatans who tell you not to challenge them by quoting the “touch not the anointed verse”

Touch not

Many of these charlatans in our day use Bible threats such as “don’t touch God’s anointed” or “You are blaspheming the Holy Spirit” in an effort to silence critics who expose their false gospels and un-Scriptural teachings. They claim the critics are speaking against a ‘Man of God’. This bears a striking resemblance to the situation in 1 Samuel where Saul, whose position was threatened, pursued the man who was innocent. Moreover, when David became king he accepted rebuke and correction from Nathan the prophet. He did not say, “don’t touch God’s anointed” to protect himself.
The trouble with most Christians is they never want to roll up their sleeves and fight evil. They never want to stand up and call perpetrators of evil, evil.
Today the Christian wants to be sleek and clean outwardly. Some Christians are more concerned about shiny suits and fancy dress.

Superficial type of Christianity

At times fighting means contact. You will have to look dirty on the outside but remain clean on the inside. So, this look away don’t engage stay clean attitude is a superficial type of Christianity.
I don’t subscribe to it at all. I will engage these charlatans who masquerade as prophets and call themselves the prophetic mafia. When in fact they are the pathetic mafia. These charlatans have earned their label “pathetic mafia,” a sobriquet with deeper meaning than is obvious at first glance.
John the Baptist condemned the Pharisees and Sadducees as a “brood of vipers” in Matthew 3:7. A “brood of vipers” is a “family of snakes.” Because vipers are venomous, John was essentially calling the religious leaders “deadly sons of serpents.” It’s quite a bold denunciation—and one Jesus repeated to the Pharisees in Matthew 12:34.

The viper was seen to be an evil creature. Its venom was deadly, and it was also devious—the viper that bit Paul was hiding in the firewood (Acts 28:3). The Hebrew Scriptures, which the Pharisees knew well, associate the serpent with Satan in Genesis 3. For John to call the Pharisees a “brood of vipers” implies that they bore satanic qualities.

Brood of vipers

Allow yourself to feel indignation at the evil oppression you notice around you. Let your desire to see what’s right replace what’s wrong motivate you to engage in spiritual warfare.
In the 21st century, the Mafia has continued to be involved in a broad spectrum of illegal activities. These include murder, extortion, corruption of public officials, gambling, infiltration of legitimate businesses, labour racketeering, loan sharking, tax fraud schemes and stock manipulation schemes.

Meanwhile  the so-called prophetic mafia (modern-day-brood of vipers) tries to pretend to have a church-face-on. They  hide behind the title ‘man of God’ as a guise to run sex rings in the church, extort, run fraud schemes, raise money to enrich themselves while telling for the congregates they want to build the church. (The Miqdash project)

The lies

In a lot of ways, they have imitated the real mafia and brought the evil activities into the church. The prophetic Pimp Gate Scandal is still fresh in the minds of many this involved Uebert Angel using a young lady Melody Dzingai to solicit and arrange young girls and married women from church for his sexual pleasure.

The false claims of multimillion dollar companies used as fronts to scam the public. The false claims in he made in Forbes Magazine. This charlatan will stop at nothing, even claiming to have suffered from cancer to gain publicity and sympathy. Indeed, he once claimed to have a brain tumour when the Bentley Scandal became too hot. His get out of Zimbabwe ticket was I needed medical attention for brain tumour something which was of course a complete fabrication.

Let me engage

So, pardon me let me roll up my sleeves and engage these charlatans and their pathetic mafia. I am simply pointing out that these men are deceitful, dangerous, and wicked—deceitful in that they are hypocrites (Matthew 23:15); dangerous in that they are blind leaders of the blind (Matthew 15:14); and wicked in that their hearts are full of murder (John 8:37)
The pathetic mafia is our modern-day brood of vipers.

Article Written by Brilliant Pongo
Brilliant Pongo is a Christian author and motivational speaker. He has written a number of books on several Christian topics click here for more

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