‘I am Anchored in Christ; Bring on Euroclydon’, a timely New Book by Christian Author Brilliant Pongo

With the rise of many unscrupulous Prophets and Pastors in the world today, Brilliant Pongo’s book ‘I am Anchored in Christ; Bring on Euroclydon”, could not have been more timely.

Published by the British based Paragon Publishing Rothersthorpe, the Zimbabwean born journalist-cum-Christian-Author, announced the release of his latest book “I Am Anchored in Christ; Bring on Bring on Euroclydon”.
This is Pongo’s 8th book in two years following on from a string of other blockbuster titles, such as, ‘Powered to Succeed’ and ‘After I Receive’, amongst other thought provoking Christian titles.

Drawing from the testimony of Scripture and the author’s personal experience, I Am Anchored in Christ, serves an approachable, witty guide to readers who find themselves enriched by the church-going experience, but struggling to anchor and integrate their faith in Jesus Christ into their everyday existence.

“Unfortunately, anchoring one’s faith in Christ is often the last thing the modern-day Christians think of as they work to develop, broaden and solidify their lives, many are now too focused on the so-called-spiritual-fathers and have in the process substituted Jesus Christ, by placing way too much importance on these so-called-men of God, thereby anchoring their trust and faith in a leader rather than the redeemer.”

Pongo explains “Many who go to these churches particularly the modern day prophetic and Pentecostals will go to extreme lengths to honour these so-called men and women of god, who lead their churches. They are will to give their all to win favour with the pastor or prophets whom they affectionately refer to as Papa (spiritual father). Strangely a majority in these churches actually believe their access to God and answer to prayers is made possible through these leaders and as such they are wrongly anchored.
This book encourages Christians to re-evaluate the place in which they have anchored their faith and make sure God is in them.”

As a Zimbabwean native raised in a somewhat ‘Christian nation.’ Pongo, has relied heavily on a combination of hard work and unyielding faith to forge a successful Media consultancy and authoring career. As his schedule filled up and the responsibilities of the everyday took over, he found that he did not have direct, practical guidance on how to integrate his faith into life outside of Christian faith.

After spending years working as a Christian Journalist and doing PR work for some churches, Pongo said “ I learnt how to make space for God, and anchoring my faith only in Jesus Christ, I noticed with great sadness how manipulative some of these church leaders can be and how grown man and women who congregate at some of these churches have been reduced to the level of little children tossed to and fro by their leaders.”
Pongo continued “ I wanted to share some of my observations and experiences with others. So, as to help them perfectly anchor their faith on the solid bedrock that is Christ. As opposed to anchoring on these so-called-spiritual-fathers.”

His book “Anchored in Christ” guides seasoned and new believers alike in the various ways to make room for God — in public, in private, in your day, in your environment, and beyond. Whether read in increments or consumed in one sitting, I am Anchored in Christ; Bring on Euroclydon’ will encourage people to consider God’s plan. It will inspire conversation on where and how to anchor their faith.
I am Anchored in Christ; Bring on Euroclydon is available for purchase at www.brilliantpongo.com and Amazon.com.

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