Fake Prophets, and their obsession with bogus titles and wrestler type names

When God changed a person’s name and gave him a new name, it was usually to establish a new identity.
Through the course of interaction with His people, God occasionally changed someone’s name. It was generally done to establish a new identity that God wished them to embody.

However, one would be forgiven to think that some of the names and titles that today’s preachers particularly those in the modern day prophetic churches are just jokes.
In a world championship for titles, and strange names modern-day Prophets would win hands-down against even the 1990’s WWF wrestlers. Why are these charlatan Prophets so obsessed with this absurd practice?
If ever someone introduces himself to you as “The Major Prophet, The Black Elijah, The Paragon of prophecy or even emeritus,” you need not ask where he is from. In a world championship for titles, some of these charlatans would win all the medals. Why are they so obsessed with this absurd practice?

Curious nicknames

I’ve always found the obsession that (most if not all these charlatan prophets) in the so-called Modern-day Prophetic Movement have with titles and nicknames something of a curiosity.

These so-called prophets like flaunting flamboyant titles and mighty sounding names and nicknames. It’s quite common to meet a Charlatan Prophet who introduces himself as The Bulldozer, prophetic Sniper, Seer So and So. The bearer of that string of titles apparently wants those who meet him to know that he possesses supernatural spiritual abilities to perform all sorts of miracles. Some of these charlatans will have you believe they own heaven. Some boast that they have God on speed dial and can literally call heaven from a cell phone.

God inspired and directed

Most of the changed names in the Bible were changed by God. The names had meaning in regards the work of God.  Here is a partial list:
Abram – Abraham: high father – father of many. At the time, Abram wasn’t father of anyone directly, although he was the patriarch and acting father of his clan. God changed his name as a sign of His promise that Abraham would be the father of many nations. (Genesis 17:5)

Sarai – Sarah: my princess – mother of nations. Despite Sarah’s doubts, God intended her to be the mother of many nations as well. (Genesis 17:15)

Jacob – Israel: supplanter – he who has the power of God. Jacob rose to position by manipulating his brother into giving him his firstborn birthright and then tricking his father, Isaac, into giving him the firstborn blessing. God wanted to make it clear that it was He who gave Israel power and position, not his own conniving ways. (Genesis 32:28)

Simon – Peter: God has heard – rock. On his own Peter was not a rock. He ran hot and cold depending on the circumstances. With the Holy Spirit, however, Peter became the stabilizing influence for the new church. (John 1:42)

Not ordained by God

There were also a few characters who went through a name change that was not ordained specifically by God.
Naomi – Mara: beautiful – bitter (Ruth 1:20). After her husband and sons died, Naomi attempted to change her name to Mara, or bitterness, to reflect her hard circumstances. Neither history nor her daughter-in-law Ruth indulged her, and before long, God again blessed her with a family.

Saul – Paul: Some think that God changed Saul’s name to Paul after his conversion, but this isn’t true. “Paul” is Greek for the Jewish “Saul.” Since Paul was a Roman citizen and witnessed to the Greek-speaking world, it was reasonable for him to take a more familiar form of his own name. (Acts 13:9)

Joseph – Zaphenath-Paneah: When the Hebrew Joseph came into the service of the Pharaoh, he was given a new Egyptian name. (Genesis 41:45)

Daniel – Belteshazzar: When Daniel was taken into captivity to Babylon, and then taken to the court of Nebuchadnezzar, he was given a Persian name to replace his Hebrew name. See also Hananiah/Shadrach, Mishael/Meshach, and Azariah/Abednego. (Daniel 1:7)

Hadassah – Esther: The Jewess girl Hadassah (Myrtle) was also given a new name, Esther (star), when she was taken to be in Xerxes court. Incidentally, the name of the king, Ahasuerus, is a Jewish name, given in honor for Xerxes’s decision to save the Jews. (Esther 2:7)

 Inspired by wrestlers

Could someone please tell these charlatan prophets to stop with the bogus, titles and the funny names. It will not make them any holier or powerful.

Some of these charlatans may or may not know that the names they choose for themselves play an important role in their characters. Sometimes you can tell if a charlatan prophet is a heel or face just by their name.
Just as I alluded to earlier it appears that most of these modern day prophets are inspired by wrestlers with regards names and nicknames let’s not kid ourselves that they are God inspired we must not joke around like that.

I am sure just like in wrestling the name can tell you if the superstar is a powerhouse who dominates his opponents or a joke of a character who is only out there to entertain and look silly. Sometimes the names can even make or break the career of a superstar.
Regardless of how important a superstar’s name may be, there have been plenty of names in pro wrestling history that are just over-the-top absurd.

Whether we realize it right away or need to take a while to notice it, some of these modern day prophetic mafia charlatans masquerading as men of God have also taken to giving themselves silly names and some are ridiculous.

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