Eric Afriyie Calls Uebert Angel to order; Exposes Him as a dishonest person dares him to tell the truth about how Prophet Victor Kusi Boateng disowned him due to continued indiscipline

Eric Afriyie calls Uebert Angel to order. After several posts on social media and Church sermons in which Uebert Angel expressed how he had left lesser anointing (Prophet Victor Kusi Boateng of Power Chapel Worldwide) to go under greater anointing (Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy), Eric Afriyie who is said to be Prophet Victor’s personal assistant finally spoke up. Eric Afriyie exposed how Uebert Angel defied council and advice from Prophet Victor in 2014 to seek repentance and help this came after a string of sexual liaisons with several members of his congregation. However, things came to a heat when Uebert had a sexual relationship with his Zimbabwean pastor’s wife.

Uebert Angel did not heed to counsel and rejected disciplinary and corrective measures prescribed for him to deal with his wayward sexual behaviour eventually he was let go by Prophet Victor Kusi Boateng due to continued indiscipline and obstinate attitude.

Eric Afriyie who was in the company of Prophet Victor Kusi Boateng when he attended the funeral of Uebert’s biological father validated his claims by asking people to look deeper into why Uebert had to be smuggled illegally into Zimbabwe to attend the burial. There are numerous women in his church that Uebert has philandered with. Even  his close relatives in Zimbabwe were not spared his sexual shenanigans.  

So many intriguing questions were raised by Eric and they have left many puzzled. 

Below is what Eric posted on Facebook on the 20/07/2018

It has always been a norm in our great family ( PCW ) and our affiliates never to respond to our critics or waste our time and words on people and entities who deserve our silence. We have been taught how to focus all our strength on the work of the Kingdom of God than unnecessary things that has no significance in eternity. 

I am not here to judge anyone neither am i here to tell who is right or wrong. God has not made us judges over anybody. This is not a fight but to bring to light the truth about this young man called Uebert Angel and his social media drama. I have not been sent by anyone BUT i can’t sit idle when someone is trying to drag my father’s name in the mud.

Growing in the Lord is about, reproach, reproof and correction and discipline that’s what Angel couldn’t stay humble to hence his today drama.

I am writing this as a person and a close pal to Uebert Angel and not official from any office. It saddens my heart to see people who are being introduced daily as men of God lie to innocent people. My brother i think it is about time you should let these your followers know the truth that you have been fired and sacked by Prophet Victor Kusi Boateng hence your pursuit after Pastor Chris. Why are you hidding behind the truth always? Let me advice you Uebert, you can fool some people for some time but not all the people all the time.

You should tell your followers why you run away from Zimbabwe, since 2014, why you had to be smuggled into Zimbabwe through Beight Bridge to your village ( Zaka ) for your father’s funeral and sneak out the same night after the burial.

Tell them why you couldn’t go to see your biological father when he was bedridden until his funeral, tell them why. Tell them how you collapsed your church in Harare with the atrocities you committed. You remember that young Pastor in Spirit Embassy Harare’s wife right? Stop it there and focus on your life.

Tell them how Prophet Boateng put you on probation since ending of the year 2014 till recently that he finally fired and sacked you from among his spiritual children, tell them.

Stop throwing dust into these innocent people’s eyes by trying to let them believe that you have left Prophet Boateng because you found your father. 

Tell them you have been sacked because of your indiscipline. Tell them you are NOT a happy man so that those who can will pray for you because you are not above that. If you are happy there why are you still looking back by constantly calling me.

You act as if you are comfortable, why have you still been calling me?

Lie here if you have not asked me and a group of people to beg Prophet Victor for you before. You better keep quiet and seek Jesus.

This is the last time you will here me speak about this. And as i have told you earlier on, we are not friends so never call phone again until you have finished working on your Character.”

Uebert is by no means an angel

Onward Christian Magazine recently reported that Uebert’s wife Beverly was subjected to requests of nude photos from Pastor Chris Oyakhilome their new spiritual father.

Uebert Angel has also been at the centre of the prophetic pimp gate scandal which attracted media attention after it was revealed that Uebert used a young lady Melody Dzingai as his pimp to arrange young girls and married women in Shepherd Bushiri’s church for his sexual pleasure.

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