Big Names Billed for ‘End of Year Gospel Show’

MFM Entertainment is set to bring Zimbabwe’s best gospel musicians on the same stage in the U.K. in what has been dubbed the ‘End of Year Gospel Show’.

Sebastian Magacha, Takesure Zama, Tembalami and Mathias Mhere are some of the big names billed for the U.K. show.

Speaking of the upcoming show which has been pencilled for 29th December 2018, Malvin Muchekesi of MFM Entertainment said, “Our endeavour is to bring the best gospel musicians together on one stage for the delight and uplifting of the audience here in the U.K. Gospel music has been around a long time and has a large following of religious and secular people who love to sing the praises of God.”

Muchekesi went on to say “Dealing with life’s ups and downs can be difficult, and music can make it better. Often the songs by these great artists that we are bringing can be uplifting, they can help us understand, the message of Jesus Christ and sometimes they can just be comforting, indeed, many Zimbabweans in the U.K. need this right now.”

‘The ‘End of Year Gospel Show’ will be big. It is a show suitable for the whole family so make a date to come and enjoy the best of Zimbabwean gospel music. Our team has been working flat out to make this a show to remember preparations are at a very advanced stage the artists are ready to come and put in a sterling show.

There will be only one show in Birmingham and you don’t want to miss this exclusive event.’ Said Muchekesi. 

Tickets to this event are already available on eventbrite and they start from as little as £20.

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