Contrary To Media Reports Spirit Embassy (The Good News Church) is Flourishing in Zimbabwe

Pastor Felix and Michelle AngelHarare, Spirit Embassy the Good News Church, is flourishing in Zimbabwe, notwithstanding the torrent of malicious and negative publicity that some sections of the media have been churning out.

Some sections of the media have been particularly hostile to the leader of Spirit Embassy the Good News Church leader Prophet Uebert Angel, some even saying that his church had all but died in Zimbabwe. However, contrary to the media reports the church is growing and still has thousands of fervent followers across Zimbabwe

Onward Christian Radio visited the Spirit Embassy Good News Church, Harare branch which is led by young-looking pastors Felix and his wife Michelle Angel. The East-end Hall located at the Exhibition Park was full to capacity and such is the norm be it midweek- service or Sunday services.

Harare branch SE (GNC)3

Watching Pastor Felix teaching one cannot help but notice part of what draws these crowds. When he teaches he exudes articulateness which is punctuated by a demonstration of power. Indeed the Bible says “For the kingdom of God is demonstrated not in idle talk but with power” (1 Corinthians 4:20)

Pastor Felix delivers the gospel with eloquence and style akin to his spiritual father the erudite Prophet Uebert Angel, A.K.A (The GoodNews Man). Indeed what is the son but an extension of the father?

George Eliot once remarked “it’s a father’s duty to give his sons a fine chance…” One only has to watch Pastor Felix in full teaching flow to comprehend the depth of the gift and replication of the anointing imparted upon him.

Sitting down with Pastor Felix after a Sunday service we explored a range of topics, not list how he has managed to keep Spirit Embassy Harare branch flourishing?

“Contrary to what many people may believe, Spirit embassy The Good News Church, has its foundation established on the ‘Rock’ Jesus Christ. So keeping and growing this flock is easy. JESUS does it on his own” he responds is the calmest and most confident of voices.

“Spirit Embassy (The Good News Church) was not established in order to disappear, The Good News Church will endure and flourish. The church is more than just a gathering it is a vision given to a prophet (Uebert Angel) by God, it is a place of hope, a place where the shackles of poverty are broken. It can neither be destroyed by adversity nor demoralised by rumour paddled by haters. It carries the shield of prosperity and it honours the word of God.”

He adds that under the observant leadership of Prophet Uebert Angel, Spirit Embassy in Zimbabwe continues to grow and as we speak there are established branches in Harare, Bulawayo,  Gweru, Kwekwe, Zaka, Bhora, Chiredzi, and Triangle.

Harare branch SE (GNC)2

Speaking about Prophet Angel, Pastor Felix said; “Our spiritual parents oversee an international ministry which has a mandate to populate heaven and empty hell, meaning they cannot stay in one country and be effective.  The physical presence or absence of the Prophet(s) has not affected us in any way. As a matter of fact we have grown in the same manner as that of the church in Bible days. Many who followed Christ for fish, bread and miracles fell away and He was left with the 12 and our case is no different. Those who followed the man of God for other reasons beside JESUS Christ fell when our Father faced persecution but the Lord added to us more people who are learning to live the Christ-like lifestyle  as taught by Prophet Angel.”

Pastor Felix also went on to shed light and clarified the falsehood peddled by some media in Zimbabwe that Prophet Angel is fugitive to the law.

“The Prophet is free to come and go in Zimbabwe. Official court records which are in the public domain show that the case was ruled in his favour so the incessant obsession with falsehoods by some sections of the media is a case of idle hands and minds being the devils instruments”.

Onward Christian Radio asked this relatively young Pastor and his wife, how they are managing to do all the things that they are doing in ministry at such a young age? Pastor Felix responded;

“What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight; it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”

“Jesus was 33 years old and He changed the course of history and the future of the world so being young is not a factor when it comes to ministry.”

He however admits that being a pastor at a branch synonymous with miracles signs and wonders is not easy because the expectation is very high.

“I am humbled when the grace upon Prophet Uebert Angel allows me to work miracles signs and wonders”.

Harare branch SE (GNC)1

We probed a little further to find out the true meaning of “Grace upon a father” and he went into teaching mode;

“If you go back to the word of God in 2Kings 2:15 where it states that Elijah’s spirit rested on Elisha and he was able to do mighty works. It is a kingdom principle where God allows the anointing of fathers to flow to their sons through submission. I am a son of Prophet Angel and he is a son to Prophet Victor Boateng, who is a son of Archbishop Duncan Williams and so on and so on”

We then turned the spot light on his wife Pastor Michelle, we asked her what role she plays in the ministry? And she retorted.

“I work to carry out the vision of our charity arm Hand of Mercy which Prophetess Beverly Angel is patron of, the charity is currently helping many orphans, adults, and the less privileged families in our community. that is just one of the many things I do among many other pastoral roles in this great church, ours is a live of service to our Lord Jesus Christ.”

In parting we asked the young pastors what is in store for the ministry in 2016 and they echoed the theme declared on New Year’s Eve “It is the year of GOOD NEWS”