Church Leaders Must Act now, before the situation worsens in Zimbabwe

I would not blame you if you immediately thought this article to be some anti-establishment, sensationalist ‘fake news’ – conjured from a construed amalgamation of conspiracy and dystopian fantasy. The truth is people are dying at the hands of the government in Zimbabwe.

The Zimbabwean government – which will casually spend hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting its citizens who want to demonstrate peacefully, (a right enshrined in the constitution) and yet cannot afford to support or allow the people to express their disgruntlement with regards the corruption and mismanagement of the economy – the Mnangagwa government has upended priorities when it comes to discussing the deaths of its citizens. It ploughs all its energy into denying a link between destitution and desperation, and apparently no energy at all into asking why the citizens are outraged.

Their hands have blood

The track record of the current leadership in Zimbabwe is littered with the corpses of hundreds whose lives have been taken by use of force by the military. When those deaths have been occasioned by the selfish and cruel acts of a national leader, or sanctioned by the deliberations of a sitting government, the crime of the murders carried out by the government results in national shame, national guilt and national consequences. Many nations throughout history, thus stained with blood-guiltiness and separated from the blessing of God, have collapsed and fallen from their pinnacles of power and prestige.

Just as an aside, this last Sunday some churches did not hold service due to the worsening security issues in Zimbabwe. (Prophet Makandiwa’s church cancelled service on Sunday- yesterday)

This is beyond insane

To think that the Zimbabwean government has tried to explain itself away by claiming that civilians yes, members of the public stole army uniforms and guns and were indeed the perpetrators of the killings and violence we witnessed last week is insane. It is beyond a joke. Zimbabwe has one of the most stringent gun control laws. It is the state that controls fire arms.

Gun control in Zimbabwe is predicated on the belief that private citizens cannot be trusted with firearms. That the state should have a “monopoly on violence” because it is less violent than individuals. And that firearms should be taken away from private citizens because only the state is responsible enough to handle them. We all know what has been happening in Zimbabwe and how the military has been used against unarmed citizens.

Democide is what it is

The term for this sort of atrocity is “democide.” Democide is the murder of any person or people by their government. It’s an important concept, as it is more expansive than the better-known term genocide.

Our current government, those sworn to uphold our Constitution and to serve our people, have taken deliberate steps to mock our Creator and mar His creation by shedding innocent blood in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe’s national guilt is an affront to God from whom all our blessings flow. Our God is patient, our God is merciful, but our God is also just. He does not tolerate the shedding of innocent blood and will not ignore the cries of those who perish. This is a message that President Mnangagwa and Vice President Chiwengwa must understand.

We need a listening Government

The Mnangagwa government and the powerful financial interests they represent have developed a degenerative moral disease which has eaten like a cancer into the very fabric of our society and threatens to destroy the foundations upon which our parliamentary democracy, our laws and our civilization depend.

I understand that true freedom and democracy may never truly be achievable if the Zimbabwean government continues to use the military to kill citizens willy-nilly. I understand that our government does not contribute towards promotion of a free democratic space– mortality is decreasing overall, and last week we witnessed the heavy-handed response to the outcry of the citizens after government increased fuel costs.

Misplaced priorities

I understand that our government has innumerable priorities: least among them is preserving our safety and freedoms. It appears chief on government priorities seems to be, allowing the rich to grow richer through a paradise of corruption and looting of national resources whilst the poor grow poorer. Nevertheless, we must ask ourselves whether we are doing all we can for these unfortunate individuals and families and communities. We must understand that every piece of neglect and inaction we offer from the comfort of our privilege is killing real human lives. Only then I believe, can we ensure that real change can come to Zimbabwe.

I implore all church leaders in Zimbabwe to call on the Government of President Mnangagwa, our parliamentarians, the national media and our fellow citizens to resolve today to begin to take steps to end the shedding of innocent human blood in our land. Our Church leaders must ask the government and every elected or appointed representative to reflect on the tremendous privilege God has granted them to serve this nation in the sacred matter of the protection of innocent human life. Church leaders must encourage government to work with them and pray with them that our nation—which is now surely under judgment for the thoughtless shedding of blood—may once again flourish under the blessing, the benefit and the protection of Almighty God. Our freedom, our prosperity and our national honour are at stake.

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