Charlatans prophets have fooled the church for too long; It’s time to expose these fraudsters who bring the name of Jesus Christ into disrepute

Charlatans prophets have fooled the church for too long; It’s time for Christians to expose these fraudsters who bring the name of Jesus Christ into disrepute.

Imagine, if you would, there was a small group of men and women caught up in some bizarre spiritualism. An occult, the prophetic mafia.

Well this is not fiction you don’t have to imagine. The prophetic mafia exists they are committed to doing whatever it takes to enjoy prosperity, wealth, power and influence. 

Their stratagems ranged from sophisticated propaganda to brainwash their followers into viewing them as demigods. They use political machinations and raw violence to quell those who stand in their way. These charlatans deploy mafia tactics to stop anyone who tries to expose their occultism to the world.

They have infiltrated the church, and they are about the business of indoctrinating the children of God in their ideology. They have sprinkled their ideology with scripture. Mixed that with a touch of magic, a word here, a fake miracle there. These charlatans have managed to hoodwink a great many gullible Christians. Many have fallen victim to their attractive promises of prosperity and wealth which they have cleverly turned into what’s now known as the prosperity gospel.

The modern day prophetic mafia

This fringe group identifying themselves as modern day prophetic movement (prophetic mafia) is so consumed with love of money. They indulge in a range of rituals chief amongst them sexual abuse of female church members married or not hence the numerous sex scandals rampant in their churches. These are not just accusations (there is no smoke without fire). Many of the victims are so traumatised they are terrified to even talk about their ordeals. 

They want to silence the religious people in their land who wielded influence. They are keen to silence or destroy those who expose their scandals and shenanigans. A Christian publication Onward Christian Radio was a victim of these very fraudulent charlatans. What should, in this context the church do?

Before we answer we have to confess that the ideology is not a direct assault on any of our most ancient creeds. Our Lord never spoke specifically against the peculiar sin that animates this small group. There may be a few obscure texts in the Bible that, indirectly it would seem, touch on the sin. But truth be told, one could preach through the whole Bible without ever having to actually name the twisted doctrine of this group.

Challenge the doctrine propagated by these charlatans

Some would argue that if we don’t preach where the battle is, we are not preaching at all. The late Francis Schaeffer, in his book The Great Evangelical Disaster, quotes Martin Luther as saying:

“If I profess, with the loudest voice and the clearest exposition, every portion of the truth of God except precisely that little point which the world and the devil are at that moment attacking, I am not confessing Christ, however boldly I may be professing Christianity. Where the battle rages the loyalty of the soldier is proved; and to be steady on all the battle-field besides is mere flight and disgrace to him if he flinches at that one point.”

Others, however, insist that the church should never be held hostage by the issues of the day, that our message transcends petty squabbles. We are, after all, called to preach the Word, to make disciples of the nations. When we take sides on doctrinal issues (Prosperity Gospel) we lose our audience and damage our witness. Isn’t it better that we should seek to win the ideologically confused by our love for them? Wasn’t Jesus despised precisely because of His willingness to invest in the sinners of His day? Should we not do the same?

Prosperity doctrine impoverishing the poor

Would it make a difference, which perspective we ought to take, if we were talking not about homosexuality as that ideology, but were instead talking of the Modern day prosperity preachers? My description above fits both movements well. When Hitler came to power in Germany the church there faced the same challenge we are just beginning to face. The vast majority of churches in Germany rolled over, determined to keep their mouths shut on the Nazis, that they might maintain their position and their influence. All they salvaged, of course, was their shame. A very few, the Confessing Church, took the better position. Many of them, including the courageous Dietrich Bonhoeffer were rewarded for their fidelity with the honor of martyrdom.

The church at large, however, when the cries of souls crammed into cattle cars on their way to death camps disturbed their worship, simply chose to sing louder, to drown out those cries. As Christians continue to be mislead by these charlatans masquerading as prophets and pastors the church is choosing to sing louder as opposed to confronting and exposing these false prophets as criminals.

Ponzi schemes disguised as a church doctrine

Some would argue that the comparison is unfair. I might have so argued not long ago. When, however, some of the most impoverished citizens can be promised pie in the sky via the promises of these elaborate Ponzi schemes disguised as a church doctrine (prosperity gospel), and go through a level of conditioning and ‘brainwashing’ for the crime of wanting instant wealth and miracles we ought to at least begin to see the handwriting on the wall. “Initiation into occultism and worshipping of man who call themselves spiritual-fathers” isn’t incendiary rhetoric. “The god of Major. The god of my papa Prophet ” isn’t a humorous exaggeration.

These are instead the beginning of a new world and a new challenge to true Christianity and worship of the God of the Bible. The question is, will the church preach the gospel at the point of attack, will it confront and challenge these charlatans masquerading as prophets or will we merely sing louder and let these charlatans continue to bring the name of Jesus Christ into disrepute and make a mockery of Christianity?

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