Heartfelt Message Against Corruption From Apostle Vutabwashe

Vutabwashe heartfelt Onward Christian radioHeartfelt International Ministries, founder and president Apostle Tavonga Vutabwashe, delivered a scathing sermon, in which, he tackled corruption, not only in Zimbabwe, but Africa as a whole.

“Who pointed a gun to Sani Abacha to take 6 billion US dollars to the Swiss bank? Do you hear what I am talking? Who pointed a gun to Mobuto Sese Seko, to take 12 billion US dollars to the Swiss bank? Look at the condition of Zaire DR Congo, you don’t need anyone to kill you, you kill yourself.”

Turning his focus to Zimbabwe, the Heartfelt Ministries, leader delivered a heartfelt message asking some very serious and pertinent questions.


“Right now there is a cash crisis but the Chinese are taking money out, who signed the agreements with them? If they take our wealth whose signatures are there? Are they Chinese signatures?

Africa kills themselves. It will take you years even if you develop your own label today for an African to buy from you…”


He continued, “I remember when I was pastoring in Belvedere, I had struggles applying the land, to build a church a 15 thousand seater. Where, they put Long Chain there. They told me it’s a wet land. But, when Chinese came they gave the Chinese the same land. So who is killing our own people? So now they say China is the hope of Africa.

We try to go with the gospel to China. They refuse us, to enter with Bibles. They come here, they are against our God. Now you are talking of removing scripture unions, from schools. Because you are making agreements with people who don’t want the Bible. Nonsense, I say nonsense…” the fiery preacher said.

Truth telling time heartfelt message to corrupt leaders

Emboldened by #ThisFlag Zimbabweans, are now asking questions. Vutabwashe is the second prominent preacher to speak boldly, openly and without fear about corruption in Zimbabwe. This comes after Bishop Tudor Bismark, the leader of New Life Covenant Church, took a swipe at the corrupt political leadership in Zimbabwe a few weeks ago.

Heartfelt international Ministries, is one of the fastest growing churches in Zimbabwe. Apostle Vutabwashe is a qualified marketer, lecturer and anointed servant of God.

Heartfelt International Ministries, is experiencing an upsurge as people of all ages continue to be drawn to the bold truths shared by Apostle Vutabwashe. The ministry recently hosted international preacher Creflo Dollar, in Zimbabwe last month.

With branches in Zimbabwe and South Africa, the combined membership in all the branches stands at over 15 thousand regular members and is rapidly growing.